Attention Dealers and Distributors 
A revolutionary "Do it Yourself" Personalization Kit for all Nylon and Fabric Bags, Luggage, etc.
Lets your customers imprint their name on their bags.. 
So YOU don't have to!
Fastencil: easy personalization!
Color printing on minimum orders, set up, delays, etc.. Unheard of ..until Now!
You benefit by giving your customers the ability to do commercial (silk screen) quality imprinting -  without the cost, inconvenience or limitations. 
It's so incredibly fast and easy-to-use all of your customers are guaranteed to get perfect results- every time! 
Automatic centering of names and alignment. Absolutely no measurements required. 
Solves the major lettering hassles and problems automatically. 
Your customers will love you for it... and you will love the profits!  
Why sell it?
Retailer Benefits: 
 Opens the market up for you by bringing the imprinting industry into  
     the aisles of your store (or web site) at a price everyone can afford. 
 You "cash in" by providing a revolutionary solution to peoples 
     personalization (ID) needs for all their bags, duffels, luggage, etc. 
 You or customers won't waste time. No waiting. No set up. No Mix ups. 
  No expensive equipment to buy. NO hassles...just profits! 
 You attract new customers by offering personalization with every 
     bag you sell and not lose them to the competition! 
 Gives potential customers a reason to buy from YOU! 
 Empowers customers to put their own names on the bags YOU sell. 
 Good profit margins and low cost. Requires little space, minimal or 
     no investment and less than 3 ounces of shipping weight.  
 All you have to do is just drop a kit in their bag.  A great promotional 
      item for premium bags too. (or let us sell it for you through our    
      affiliate program)
Special Features: 
  • Works anywhere on bags, including difficult and irregular surfaces -  where embroidery, silk screen, & hot melt lettering don't work at all! 
  • Fastencil is available in gold, royal blue or white and everything is included in a simple kit. 
  • It was developed to allow the "first-time" user to "get it right" the first time they use it. Mistakes can be easily corrected. 
  • It has been tested extensively in classrooms, home, and businesses- with geniuses, average and learning disabled - with 100% success! 
  • Fastencil provides built-in masking to prevent paint from spreading. It cleans up nicely with water. 
  • Can be washed and dried and reused numerous times! Takes only a minute or two to do. Subsequent applications take seconds! 
  • Fastencil removes all the usual stumbling blocks in lettering and imprinting with its simple elegant design. 
  • But don't be fooled by its apparent simplicity. It took over seven years to perfect and develop and is the subject of extensive patents. 
  • Package back
    Fastencil: easy as 1-2-3!
    Suggested retail price: $6.95
    Fastencil comes in an industrial strength 2 mil crystal clear poly bag with full color front card (see top photo). It weighs about 3 ounces and all bags come with a hang hole and can be heat sealed if requested. Package size is approximately 5"X6"X1". The discount ( wholesale) price is one half of our listed retail price on this site per unit based upon a minimum of 12 of the same SKU.
    Fastencil is now also available in the Fastencil Plus version. 
    It is the ultimate versatile personalization for all your customer's sporting goods hardware and gear too.
    If your company sells sporting goods items of any kind or offers products to teams, clubs, or groups such as scouting, Fastencil Plus version is a "must have"  product for you and your customers! It is especially appealing to moms and women, who purchase over 60% of all the sporting goods items sold. After all, they are usually the ones who re-purchase things that have been lost or stolen. 
    Fastencil Plus has all the benefits of our fabric version (mentioned above) but more!  It includes two tubes of paint (white and royal blue) a special black pen, and even an etching tool. It is so versatile, it can work on a wide range of objects and materials like: rubber balls, leather gloves, metal bats, plastic helmets, wooden hockey sticks and all fabric items such as backpacks, jerseys and equipment bags. See list of things 
    Now you can offer your customers the ability to put their name or ID, with professional results, on practically all of their sporting goods, household, school and general consumer items.  Fastencil Plus is reusable over and over again and will give them dozens of applications in the single kit. That works out to less than 25 cents per name! An inexpensive insurance policy for all of their things (and an amazing additional profit center for you!). Where else can you find an accessory item for all sports? 
    Suggested retail price : $8.95 
    Get started earning profits now!
    Choose one of two ways! 
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    2. You direct customers to us. We do the selling for you! You earn 25% commission. It's free to sign up & takes 5 minutes. Select....
    The smart alternative to commercial imprinting
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