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Even a four year old can use Fastencil perfectly! 
If you travel or take your bags outside to the gym or field -  this  product was made for you in mind. Fastencil, with its durable paint and beautiful professional silkscreen look will let you protect and identify all your nylon and fabric items with style and class! Finally, you don't have to graffiti your stuff with felt tip markers or use luggage tags that can be easily removed. Fastencil takes just a couple minutes to set up and put a name on something. When you are done, just wash the Fastencil strip and let it dry. It's reusable for over 6 items. The next time you do your name it takes only about 30 seconds!  Fastencil comes in a kit and includes: your choice of colors (white, gold, royal blue, silver, red or yellow) one Fastencil holder, three  sheets of  1/2 inch tall plastic coated stencils (more than two alphabets) an applicator and instructions. It will work perfectly on all your fabric items such as: luggage, backpacks, athletic bags, camping gear, apparel and more.  
It's like an insurance policy 
for all your things
Stencil Names Fast and Easy
Fastencil ID system 
Fastencil is the revolutionary Do-It-Yourself ID kit for all your fabric and nylon items. I's the only system in the world that will let YOU "Personalize" your stuff with perfect expert results - everytime!  And the really cool part is that it's so fast and easy to use even a kid can do it. The secret is Fastencil, a patented mulit-layered stenciling tape that completely eliminates the usual stumbling blocks in lettering. There is virtually no need for centering, alignment or measurements! Its elegant design took seven years to develop. It has been tested extensively in classrooms and homes by people of all ages and abilities. You will not believe how easy it is to use or how cool and perfect your name wiill look on your gear.  
You will not believe how easy this works!   
How cool it looks!
Perfect Results - Guaranteed or your money back  (no questions asked!)
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