FASTENCIL: Stencil Names ID Fast, Easy, Permanent on Bags, Balls & Gear
Fastencil: patented holder 
The heart of the system is the Fastencil stencil holder. It is composed of over 7 different layers to allow individual stencils be placed positioned and repositioned indefinitely.  
It's "open ended" construction enables it to be cut to fit any size name or word. 
It is washable, reusable and it is practically indestructible.  
It is designed to be very forgiving of any mistakes that might be made. Mistakes can be easily corrected.
Fastencil: Makes it easy!
Fastencil: makes it simple!
Fastencil: makes it professional 
The best way to appreciate Fastencil is to try it out. It is a lot easier to use it than explain it!
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