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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Fastencil
Q:  Is Fastencil designed to replace silkscreen, embroidery, or hot press lettering? 
A:  No. But as mentioned, there are a number of barriers and limitations to commercial applications. Fastencil offers a very handy alterative. Although the look and finished product looks similar or identical to silkscreen, commercial lettering will still be used and necessary for high volume and/or large scale production.  Fastencil can also be used in conjunction with commercial lettering such as silk screening. A team name or logo can be screened on a dozen or more items as usual and then each team member can use Fastencil to further customize and personalize the bag with his or her own name!  
Q:  Who can benefit from using Fastencil?  
A:  The 90% or more of equipment bag, duffle bag, luggage, etc. buyers, like yourself, who cannot get their names on their things because of the limitations, lack of availability, cost, etc. of commercial processes. Some people have even resorted to using pens, felt tip markers or even "paper correction fluid" in an attempt to get their name on items! These are ineffective and usually result in defacement of their items. 
Q. Can you give some other examples of fabric products that Fastencil can be used to put on a name? Are there some fabrics where it is not recommended for use? 
A:  Fastencil works on practically all fabric and nylon products. it is not, however, recommended for furry or high nap fabrics.  For articles that have a shiny vinyl coating such as some baseball bat bags, it is best to use our Fastencil Plus version (See list for Fastencil Plus items)  
Q: How many items can you put a name on with one Fastencil Kit? What does it look like? 
A:  You can put your name on six to twelve items with the standard Fastencil kit. Dozens of times with the Fastencil Plus version. Remember, Fastencil is reusable.  All you have to do is wash the Fastencil strip in plain water for 20 seconds and let it air dry and your name can be applied again. Of course, the choice can be made to place your name on several locations on the same article if so desired (such as travel luggage and equipment bags)  The name looks like it has been done by commercial silk screen! The paint even adapts to the texture of the fabric and remains strong, permanent and flexible. The results are beautiful and professional looking. 
Q:  How long does it actually take to put a name on something? 
A: First time users should take no more than 4 to 5 minutes at the most to set up the holder and put a name on a fabric item. Second, third and subsequent applications take less than 30 seconds to put on the same name! Fastencil Plus can take slightly longer to put a name on depending on the target surface material you are working with. Etching with the pin on plastic can take up to 10 minutes- depending on the length of the name. (But it is worth it!) 
Q:  What if I make a mistake in using Fastencil? Can mistakes really be corrected that easily? 
A:  Yes!  All the mistakes you can possibly make have been "anticipated " by the elegant design and function of Fastencil.  Fastencil took over seven years to develop, test and design. It has been tested extensively in classrooms by teachers and students so we could say YES to this question. Fastencil is designed so that no mistakes are "fatal".  If a mistake in stencil placement or name placement or some other "error" is made, corrections can easily be done. 
Q:  What if the paint smears or leaks on the fabric on the final step? 
A:  Although this is a very rare occurrence, all you have to do is wash your name off the bag with water (while the paint is still wet). let the bag dry, and start over again.  It's that simple. You will have several minutes to decide if you are satisfied with the results.  The paint will dry to touch in one hour.  Your bag or article is ready to be machine washed in 72 hours if needed. 
Q:  What are the letter sizes, colors and fonts like? 
Presently Fastencil is available in one half inch size letters. The colors available to chose from are royal blue, gold and white. Fastencil Plus includes white and blue paint and also a special black pen and an etching tool or pin. Presently we have one font type with plans to introduce others. 
Q:  How durable is Fastencil? It looks kind of flimsy. 
A:  It is designed to be thin and flexible so it will bend and conform to the shape of any object. But actually it is quite durable and robust. It must be cut with a scissors and cannot even be torn at all by hand. We actually tested it by putting it in the pocket of some jeans and running it through several cycles in a  wash machine. It  was still usable when it came out!  
Q:  I would like to use Fastencil on an article not mentioned on the package or this web site. How do I know if it will work? 
A:  The best thing to do is to try it out on a very small area first before you try to do the whole name. Maybe do one letter somewhere where it won't be that visible. You'll be surprised at how many different things you can ID or label.  
Q:  I am really bad with directions. Will I have any problems doing it? 
A:  Fastencil was developed, designed and tested for people just like YOU! Try it. You won't believe how easy it is. Besides it comes with a money back guarantee! If you don't want to read the directions then give it to any kid who can read and have him or her do it for you. But really, do it yourself. It is FUN to use.   
Q:  How durable is the Fastencil paint? 
A:  The paint is as durable as silkscreen type paints. The paint, like any silkscreen paint can wear with repeated abrasion. If using it on travel luggage (and you fly a lot), put the name where it is not likely to be abraded and rubbed off by the baggage/conveyor system. 
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