Attention Team Dealers  
Want the HOTTEST idea ever for team ball sales?
Offer Ball Tattoo with your balls....   then watch your sales catch fire!
A WIN WIN Promotional strategy. 
YOU benefit by making your customers happy while selling MORE balls. 
Schools and teams benefit by getting what they want: PERMANENT professional quality lettering on all their balls. 
Your customers will love you for it... and you will love the profits!  
It's this easy to do: 
A. You place your team orders with us online, or by fax or phone.  See how... 
B. We make custom Ball Tattoo stencils for your teams and ship them together with  
    tubes of Ball Tattoo ink, applicators and directions to you or drop ship to your 
C. Your customers (coaches, equipment managers, teachers, players, etc.) apply 
    the Ball Tattoo names or ID's to the balls you sell.   See how...   
Two Great Ways to Go: 
1. "Include" Ball Tattoo as a "Premium" with the balls you sell.  
2. "Sell" Ball Tattoo to New and Existing Accounts
Dealer Benefits: 
 Opens up new markets for you by offering the latest ball personalization technology to new accounts. 
 You profit by providing a revolutionary ball ID/personalization solution for teams. 
 Rewards existing loyal accounts. Builds good will and appreciation.  
  No expensive equipment to buy. NO hassles...just increased ball sales! 
 You attract new customers by offering permanent personalization with every ball you sell. You won't 
     lose them to the competition! 
 Gives potential team customers a reason to buy from YOU!  You add new value to the balls you sell. 
  Low cost per ball allows you to easily "include" Ball Tattoo in any pricing structure if desired. 
  Listing in our web pages as a dealer who offers Ball Tattoo with their balls!  
      (Initial exclusive offering to new participating dealers) 
   Allows you to give better "service" to your teams by offering them this novel solution.   
Special Features and Team Benefits: 
  • We make custom stencils for balls with the team/school name or initials.                  
  • Name or ID goes on incredibly FAST-  15-30 seconds! No letters to line up or mask! 
  • Perfect results guaranteed - every time!  See ball examples... 
  • Several choices of fonts and letter sizes available. click to see...  
  • Gives teams what they want: A professional & organized image plus ball insurance. 
  • Protects team's balls from loss and theft.   
  • Gives coaches and teachers peace of mind. Reduces confusion and headaches.   
  • Does NOT affect ball's playing surface (Unlike other marking sysems). 
  • Ball Tattoo took over 8 years to develop.  Granted TWO U.S. Patents. 
    Back side of sales flyer available to dealers
    What teams are saying: 
    "Ball Tattoo is a wonderful product that fits the needs of institutions that want to protect their investments. I love the different fonts and the professional image it gives to our athletic programs. Just throw it on a ball and let it dry. It's a fun process too. I absolutely recommend it and the coaches love it" 
    Bridgette C.,  women's equipment manager, Pacifica High School, Garden Grove, CA 
    Ball Tattoo for TEAMS takes ball personalization to a new level. 
    It will take your ball sales to an entirely new level too! 
    Get started earning profits now! 
    Permanent professional personalization with every ball you sell!  Unheard of ..until Now!
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