FASTENCIL: Stencil Names ID Fast, Easy, Permanent on Bags, Balls & Gear
Fastencil Plus has so many uses! 
Now you can easily protect all you gear from loss or theft ... or put your nickname, favorite team, group or school name, etc. on practically anything! And do it fast and professionally!
Note; The pen, etch pin and paint are all included with every kit so you can ID dozens of your things!  
Pen works great on light colored fabric, nylon and canvas gear and the following: 
  • All light colored nylon items, such as life preservers, ski vests, etc. 
  • Wooden and metal baseball bats and hockey sticks 
  • Skate boards 
  • Body boards and skim boards 
  • Leather goods of all types, such as belts, horse bridles, etc. 
  • Most light colored vinyl & soft plastic items like notebook covers. 
  • Permanent to semi-permanent on many athletic balls. (See Ball Tattoo for real permanency and wear resistance!) 
    Etch pin and coloring technique works great on most difficult to mark plastic items. (Takes longer to do BUT worth the effort...ID will never come off!)  
  • Protective plastic gear for baseball, football, hockey, etc. (batting helmets, padding..) 
  • Plastic tackle boxes, hobby and plastic equipment boxes of all kinds 
  • Snow boots & skis, snow boards, water skis, surfboards... 
    Paint works great on fabric, nylon and canvas articles like: 
  • Clothing 
  • All soft (nylon/ fabric..) luggage 
  • Duffel bags 
  • Tote bags 
  • Chairs and chair bags 
  • Hobby kits (nylon) 
  • Equipment and athletic bags for all sports. Scuba, softball, fishing,...  
  • Cots, tents, sleeping bags, and camping gear 
  • Golf bags 
  • Lunch boxes, drink containers 
  • Black colored baseball and softball gloves (use pen for light colored) 
  • Nylon lunch coolers and general coolers for picnics, etc. 
  • Nylon SCUBA gear & wet suit materials, etc.(for tanks try etch pin) 
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