"I use Ball Tattoo in our "Champion's Quest" athletic training center to give our program a professional image and to manage our balls.  We also sell balls with Ball Tattoo to schools and many elite volleyball clubs in Southern California.  It really gives the coaches what they want. It is also a great reason for them to buy balls from us. In addition, Fastencil Inc.'s delivery and customer service has been excellent. " 
Greg Moss, professional trainer and owner of Champion's Quest   Los Alamitos, CA 
"We have used Ball Tattoo this past season with all our balls in our competitive basketball and soccer programs. Our teams initials on our balls look awesome and have not worn off at all. We usually lose several balls a season.  This season we have not lost a single ball. The coaches and athletic director also really like the professional look Ball Tattoo gives to our teams!"   
Joni L., equipment manager Century High School   Santa Ana, CA
"We have used Ball Tattoo in our summer basketball camp this past year. Our school initials stay perfect! It works 100 per cent the way it says it does, without a doubt. It is an amazing system and I definitely recommend it to any program to prevent lost and stolen balls." 
Tim Tucker, head basketball coach, Pasadena High School, Pasadena, CA
"Ball Tattoo is used on all our varsity basketballs and volleyballs.  The name looks teriffic and it does not wear off.  It is really a great system that is easy to use. You can see our school's initials on our balls from across the court and it has prevented other schools from taking them." 
Bertha Gonzales,  womens's equipment manager, Valley High School, Santa Ana, CA   
"Using permanent felt-tip markers on a ball is like using "water colors" compared to Ball Tattoo! The name really looks awesome and just does not wear off. It's an amazing system that is easy to use too. I highly recommend it to all teams, schools and coaches" 
Dr. D. Halverson, coach, team and sports medicine physician, Santa Ana , CA   
"Ball Tattoo is a wonderful product that fits the needs of institutions that want to protect their investments. I love the different fonts and the professional image it gives to our athletic programs. Just throw it on a ball and let it dry. It's a fun process too. I absolutely recommend it and the coaches love it" 
Bridgette C.,  women's equipment manager, Pacifica High School, Garden Grove, CA 
"Ball Tattoo has virtually eliminated the perennial and frustrating problem of lost and misplaced classroom balls. With our name and room number permanently on our balls we always get them back after recess and PE. It is a wonderful system that has made teaching just a bit easier. Now the whole school has ordered it"   
Claire W. elementary school teacher, Whittier, CA 
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