Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Ball Tattoo
Q: Does Ball Tattoo work the same on all types of balls? 
A:  No. Not all balls are created (manufactured) equal.  Although Ball Tattoo does work on all balls, there will be variations of how it works because of the wide range of ball compositions. There are rubber, leather and synthetic leather balls and even variations within these basic types. In addition, factors such as drying temperatures, thickness of ink application, etc can affect dye color, dye penetration, etc. 
Q: How long can I expect my ID or name to last on a ball ?  
A:  Ball Tattoo is designed to last for the life of your ball. It should last for at least a season of hard play even if your ball is used on concrete or asphalt!  
Q. What are some variations that I can expect with my name or ID on a ball? 
A:  Just like a tattoo on human skin, a Ball Tattoo ID can change some over time and this should be expected. Since the dye or ink penetrates below the ball's surface, chemicals (splasticizers) in the rubber or leather materials (which make the ball soft and flexible) can gradually cause the dye underneath the ball to move or migrate. This can cause the letters to get lighter, darker, or even blurr a bit with time.This is more likely to happen with inexpensive rubber balls than with the better more expensive balls.   
Q: How many balls can you put a name or ID on with one Ball Tattoo Kit?  
A:  There is enough ink included in the Ball Tattoo kit for about 20 letters total. The ink is applied very thick so it is used up quickly. There are 45 one inch tall letters in the kit to choose from. Ball Tattoo is not reusable so there is nothing to clean up. It is possible, however, to do two or three balls or more depending on the number of letters and selection of letters you use. You have the choice to put a set of initials, initial and name, etc. on your balls. 
Q: How long does it actually take to put a name or ID on a 
A: First time users should take no more than a few minutes at the most to put a short name, nickname or initials on a ball. It is best to do this in the evening so the ink on the ball can dry overnight. The ink needs time to dry thoroughly and penetrate into the ball's surface! 
Q: Can I really use this on a baseball or softball glove? 
A:  Ball Tattoo works great on all natural colored gloves.  Place your ID anywhere there is enough space, such as the glove's pocket.  
Q: Do you offer a guarantee? 
A:  Yes. If you are not completely satisfied with Ball Tattoo we will gladly refund all your money!!  Better yet. We will refund your money if you are not completely blown away by how cool Ball Tattoo works.(Hint:There is a surprise when you remove the stencils!) 
Q: Do you have any other letter fonts or colors than the one's shown? 
A:  Presently we only have the one font available in the individual kit version. Ball Tattoo for "teams" has various fonts available.  The ink only comes in black. It is a true dye and not a pigment that coats the surface. 
Q: Will Ball Tattoo ID work on baseballs and softballs? 
A: Yes it will but the letters are one inch tall and quite large compared to the smaller ball. You can request our smaller 1/2 inch letters via email. 
Ball Tattoo prevents ball loss
If you throw it, kick it or hit it then you better tattoo it or you might lose it.
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