The revolutionary permanent ID for balls!
Using Ball Tattoo is a Slam dunk!
Ball Tattoo:permanent stencils
Select stencil letters and stick them on the ball
Goes on in seconds!
Add the additional masking strips around the letters
Revolutionary Ball Tattoo Ink
Squeeze a small glob of thick Ball Tattoo ink on each letter.
Ink goes one easily!
Spread ink over stencil openings with applicator and allow to dry. (The ink slowly penetrates below the ball's surface.) Remove stencils after ink dries. It's that simple! There is nothing to wash or dry or clean up. NO heat is required.
The revolutionary permanent ID for balls! 
Goes on in seconds. Engineered to stay on forever!
Ball Tattoo prevents ball loss
If you throw it, kick it or hit it then you better tattoo it or you might lose it.
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