Fastencil and Ball Tattoo would not be available without the help, advice, and support of the following corporate members, consultants, advisors and friends:
Claire Wynne (Inventor's loving wife)  Allowing him the freedom to start and continue the journey of invention. Advisor, evaluator, first consultant, and confidant. 
Laura Wynne (Inventor's mother) Instilled in him the spirit and determination to accomplish his dreams. Tireless and enthusiastic supporter. 
Peggy Reagan: Testing, re-testing, encouragement, admiration and enthusiasm. Sales, marketing and consulting.  
Julie Stone, Testing, encouragement, evaluation, a virtual idea factory, artistic and fashion consultant, critical role in product development. 
Maureen Wynne: Modeling, testing, evaluation, research. 
John Wynne: Critical analysis, quality control, engineering. 
Professional Consultants and services 
Dave Stone: Graphic design, package design and layout, directions design, copywriter, logistics. A rare creative genius who uses both the right and left sides of his brain equally well. 
Dave Grant: Savvy business consulting, license negotiations, business strategy, licensing, product sales and marketing. 30 years experience in sporting goods industry at all levels including CEO of several SG corporations. 
Bill Chapin: Legal council, negotiations, licensing, intellectual property. 
Tom Cramer: Entrepreneur, licensing, marketing, sales, distribution,  product manufacturing. (His email footer "quote" is on the bottom of this page) 
Jerry Woodwrd: Marketing, testing, sales, consulting. 
Zed Reagan: Consulting, sales, marketing. 
Focus groups - testing and evaluation 
The teachers and students of  Laurel High School (Los Alamitos, California): Endless hours of testing and re-testing of product directions. 
The following individuals: (in no particular order and there are others too) 
Rosemary Woodward, Kevin Woodward, Steve Woodard, Tirzah Woodard, Marianne Woodward, Christy Woodward, Robb Rattray, Darlene Ruvalcava, Rebecca Crawford, Sara Gibbs, Jenae Woodward, Lauren Skistimas, Cassidy Skistimas, Tom Iwashita, Larry H. Parker, Joe Lucky, Toni Stone, Nancy Wynne, Done Stone, Ron Scott 
"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle"               Albert Einstein