I just wanted to contact you and let you know that I have spent the afternoon labeling my gear and I’m very impressed with the results.  The labeling on my wetsuit looks like it was applied at the factory.

Keith Broshears

Fastencil is such a quick and easy solution to label your gear, I am very satisfied with the end result.  I have used the Fastencil on all my scuba gear and can tell you now that it looks fantastic and like a professional job.  The whole process was as advertised, very simple. I even let my six-year-old son have a go. I feel much happier knowing that I can ID my gear when it’s all tossed together with other’s gear on the dive boat. Great product.

Alex Mongard II

This is my second order. Your products are SUPER!!! Ordering set for my girlfriend’s gear!

Herman Cheung

Fastencil just works great! Try it. You won’t be disappointed.

Jonathan Klenk

Found this product on the Internet the other day. Clever stuff, even the paint stretches so you can use it on Neoprene wet suits or dry suits. They claim that it will work perfectly on all your scuba gear such as: booties, gear bags, BCD’s, wet suits, gloves, hoods, weight belts, fin bags, backpacks and more. We bought one and did the boy’s swimming stuff with it and surprise, surprise it does exactly what it says on the box. The price is OK with the exchange rates and stuff but if you factor in replacing even a hood or gloves than it starts to look all the more sensible. Apart from the cool factor of having your name or nickname on your BCD and other gear.

Useful Gadgets blog

On my last boat dive, someone mistakenly took my wetsuit thinking it belonged to their wife. It took me quite awhile to convince him it was mine. At that point, I was determined to find a way to label my dive gear. I had read about Fastencil in a dive magazine and decided to give it a try. I was pleased to see how easy it was to apply and how professional it looked. The test though, would be how well it held up after diving. To my surprise and delight it looked exactly the same as when I first put it on. No peeling or fading. I was so pleased that I started labeling all of my gear including my luggage. No more watching identical black bags going round and round on the baggage carousel. My bag is definitely easy to spot with my name stenciled in bright colors on my bag. I am very happy with the product, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a professional way to label his or her gear.

Jessica Simmonds, Avid Diver

Fastencil is said to be so fast and easy to use even a kid can do it. Convinced? Well, Scuba Diver Girls tried it and it was as easy as they said! We stenciled our names all over our stuff and it looks FAB!


Just before leaving on a recent diving rip, we stenciled our gear with Fastencil. Within 24 hours of arriving we saw the value of this product. One of our friends had her wetsuit taken by mistake and she had to wear someone else’s wetsuit or miss the daily dives! I have a visual problem and I am an adaptive buddy for my daughter who dives with a closed head injury. Marking various pieces of our scuba gear with Fastencil really simplified 2 big areas making our trip more enjoyable. 1. I could easily find my adaptive diving partner, even at 60 feet! 2. I could retrieve our equipment quickly and be ready for our next dive! We wouldn’t think of going scuba diving without Fastencil!!

BJ and Kat Weil
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