Ball Tattoo TEAM Order Form     Please use the Print button in your browser to print this form 
and then send or fax it with payment to: Fastencil Inc. 8009 E. Bynum St. Long Beach, CA 90808 Fax 562-342-9808 
Company Name:  
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Desired Ship Date:________     Ship Immediately O  
Payment: O Master Card  O Visa  O Discover  O Amex   O Check  O Net 30   P.O.___________
Credit Card #  ________________________________________ Exp. Date:____/_____Name on Card:__________ 
Please PRINT letters on the line below exactly as you wish it to appear on ball. Use spaces, caps, numbers, etc. 
Use  maximum  of 9 letters/numbers. Minimum order is 12 of same group (size, type, font, etc.)  
 ( ______________________)
Select letter height: O 1/2 inch  O 3/4 inch   O 1  inch Select Font:  O Lasertac O Arston  O Corsica   O Rounded O Chico  O Military O Lush Life  O Serpentine   O Tea  Chest     (Copy form for multiple orders)   
Base price per ball (up to 4 letters)            .75 
For 5 to 9 letters add .20 per ball              ______ 
Total Qty of balls_____X   Price per ball   ______   
                                               Subtotal        ______  
      CA Residents add 8.25%) Sales Tax                   _______ 
  +  Shipping      5.00    =                            ______     
                                      TOTAL                  ______