You sell directly from your own store.
This is the standard or traditional method. You are in control of inventory, shipping, fulfillment, etc. You determine the ultimate selling price and profit.
You can conveniently place your wholesale orders directly through our online store at 50% margin.  If you prefer you may fax or call in your order. For orders more than a gross we can set up a 30 day commercial account (please call to set up an account or to get lead/delivery times on larger orders).  
To get started, fill out the blue email form below and press "submit" (or call 714-372-3941). Then go to our store and click on view account  and fill out the new customer information and create a user name and password. We will set your account to wholesale/discount status upon receipt of your company information. You will then be able to place your order directly online. Minimum wholseale orders are 12 units of the same SKU (color).  Orders are shipped within 3 days. 
California companies can place orders immediately, however, we cannot ship California orders without a Resellers Certificate on file.  
You can send us your certificate or copy ours (click on link below). Please fax the completed certificate to (714) 373-1204  
Since Fastencil and Ball Tattoo are new products, you will want to advertise them alongside your existing product line.  With your first order you are granted a conditional (and revokable) right to copy and paste our trademark and copyright photos, logos, print copy and material directly from these web pages to your own web site or for use in advertising / catalogs for the sole purpose of selling our Fastencil Inc. products. You can then start implementing your new selling proposition: Offering everyone of your customers low cost, easy-to-use personalization with all your nylon and fabric products. And now also for most of your sport gear as well.  
Please note that our affiliate sales program is seperate and distinct from our wholesale program and is not intended to be used in conjuction with wholesale orders. No affiliate commissions will therefore apply to any of our wholesale/discount products. 
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Fastencil can be ordered directly from our on line store or from any of our retail partners
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